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Knobby Starfish ~Choose Size & Color ~ # 8026

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Product Overview

Unique Mud Starfish with knobby tops. Choose from White and Beige (Beige is the natural color of this starfish)   Perfect for wedding decorations, Wedding favors or use tucked in a fish net, on a table, mantel, shelf or sit on a table. These Mud stars are also known as Chocolate Chip Starfish, Armoured Starfish and Mud-starfish.   For each order they are hand selected. Due to the authentic nature of the product size may vary slightly. 
Choose From:
  • A: White Set of 8   4"
  • B: White Set of 6   5 - 6"
  • C: White Set of 2 7"
  • D: Beige Set of 2 7"
  • E: White Set of 10   2 - 3"



(No reviews yet) Write a Review