Custom Pilings 3 Single Pier Post with Rope

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Product Overview

3 Single Pier Posts

Solid Premium Cyprus or Cedar Wood Wooden Piling with Rope attached

Set of 3, sizes range from 4-7" tall,  measuring width across the top each one is 4 1/4" to 5".  Rope is attached to the Pier Post.   Due to the nature of the product there will be cracks and imperfections adding to the beauty of the product.  

 Perfect to sit on a table display or use for your next event or party.  

3 single roped pier posts are included  height will vary on each one all 3 will be different heights. 


 Please call us if you would like custom heights. 


 Custom made in the USA,  please allow a few extra days for shipment please call for rush shipment.   



(No reviews yet) Write a Review